Lunch Specials

Soup DuJour
$3 a cup     $6 a bowl
Creamy Seafood Bisque

Served with 2 sides and hushpuppies
Pork Strip Steak
Pecan Encrusted Tilapia over rice with a curry-cheddar cream sauce
Fresh Fried Oysters
Garlic Tuna on pasta w/pesto sauce (only 1 side included)

Dinner Specials
Wines of the Night
$4.00 a glass    $12 a bottle
Sycamore Lane Pinot Grigio
Sycamore Lane Cabernet

Soup Dujour
$3 a cup     $6 a bowl
Creamy Seafood Bisque
Dinner Entrees
Served with 2 sides & hushpuppies
Blackened Tilapia over rice
Grilled Pork Loin topped with peppered shrimp
Pecan Fried Tilapia over rice w/curry cheddar cream sauce
Garlic Seared Tuna topped w/roasted red peppers, garlic herb butter & feta cheese
Garlic Rubbed Salmon topped w/pesto sauce
Fresh Fried Oysters

Featured Steak
NY Strip w/mushrooms & onions

Featured Desserts
Mocha Cheesecake w/caramel & toasted almonds 
Banana Chocolate Cheesecake w/caramel
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